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My research interests

My general approach to research has been based on two ideas: Using mathematical modeling as a tool to understand complex physics and engineering problems, and developing efficient, accurate software for numerical simulation with an emphasis on benchmarking.

Which has found me studying problems in areas such as:

  • Plasma physics modeling and simulation, including
    • Low-temperature plasma discharge modeling and application (e.g. plasma medicine, surface treatment & sterilization)
    • Tokamak plasma modeling with the effect of atomic impurities
    • Runaway electron modeling (e.g. in tokamak discharge, atmospheric lightning discharge)
    • Modeling of electron transport in cryogenic liquids
  • Formulation and application of machine learning and data science methods for scientific applications, including
    • Closure estimation with neural networks
    • Complex model surrogates with a focus on efficiently generating statistically meaningful training data
  • Computational methods for solving hyperbolic transport equations in various physics and engineering applications
  • Practical atomic physics to inform plasma physics modeling and simulation, including
    • Calculation and assessment of atomic and molecular electron scattering cross-sections
    • Collisional radiative modeling of plasmas
  • For more details see my Publications page

Other related experience

  • Supervising student intern projects at LANL
  • Reviewer for computational and plasma physics journals